Crisis Communications and Interoperability

Crisis Communications is a well known science. However, because of the lack of practice and due to the extreme personal stress encountered during a crisis, communications during real life events is most often poor. The hot chaotic phase of a Chaotic Crisis goes on for days and not only a few hours. Communications with the Press, without having all the facts and knowing the answers, must therefore be repeated over a few days time. The loss of credibility is an increasing risk. This challenge must be faced while the Manager is tired and under pressure.

A Chaotic Crisis happens in a Network environment where everything is interconnected. To understand the crisis dynamics the analysis must be done within a multidimensional space. In this space there are at least three distinct factors :

  • the Technology Factor, when destruction of material and system lack of interoperability do not permit communications and to have a clear picture of what is happening,
  • the Cultural Factor, when the differences of language as well as social and cultural origins mean that the help which is provided does have the expected effect,
  • the Time Factor, when events are extremely fluid and fast moving which voids all well planed responses. The Time Factor is itself broken in three dynamical elements:
    • Natural events dynamics,
    • Human events dynamics,
    • Press reports dynamics, with Blogs and Vlogs.

This multidimensional analysis must be done not only at the business corporate level but also at the State government level. As it has the case for the excellent Air-Transport industry Security, redundancy is the key for success.

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