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The management team


25 years as an executive (Europe - USA - Asia) and consultant for the aerospace hightech industry (airline and manufacturing). International law, IT security, risk analysis and chaotic crisis management expert. Consulting to set up start-up airlines and promote high-tech industrial ventures in Asia.

Expert Consulting and Management for reconstruction strategy when the Infrastructures environment is damaged or non existent.


Our Consultants

Dr. Patrick Lagadec


PhD in Political Science, graduate of the ESSEC school of business and the EHESS school of social sciences. Officer of the National Order of Merit, he was awarded the Forum Engelberg prize in 1999. Patrick Lagadec is Director of Research at the Ecole Polytechnique. He is member of: the French Academy of Technologies, the European Crisis Management Academy, and the Scientific and Technical Council of the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC).

His research and expertise focus on crisis prevention and management in increasingly “unconventional” crisis environments; vulnerability and preparedness appraisal; in-crisis steerage - both public and private - of critical infrastructures and vital networks; post-crisis case study, debriefing and training; and the development of sustainable responses to shifting security paradigms and the new challenges of governance that complex systems have to face in the light of global “ruptures”. In over 20 years of direct involvement with critical infrastructure operators, public administration, international organizations and NGOs, he has acted in a consulting and training capacity and as a front-line strategic advisor in actual crisis situations. Recent missions include: the 2002 anthrax crisis, the Toronto SARS scare, the 2003 heat-wave in France, and hurricane Katrina.

Our Corporate Partners

We provide some specialized services through a dozen Partners with the latest technology.

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